Meet The Characters

Each costume is handmade in our princess workshop and tailored to each performer 

Ice Princess

Ice Queen

Mermaid Princess

Island Princess

Sleeping Princess

Long Haired Princess

Scottish Princess

Frog Princess

Crown Princess

Warrior Princess

Fairy Princess

Glass Slipper Princess

Princess Beauty

Arabian Princess

Woodland Princess

First Princess

Native American Princess

Doll Princess

Incredible Girl

America Lady, Turtle Lady

Super Lady, Bat Lady,Wonder Lady

Spider Superhero

Bat Superhero

Warrior Prince

Evil Witch

Evil Octupus

Evil Sisters

Ice Prince

Tower Prince

Charming Prince

Dragon Prince

Beastly Prince

Neverland Boy, Pirate Captain

Villge Strongman

Evil Mother

Kansas Sweetie

Candelabra, Teapot

Sea Crab