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Thank you to the Vienna Singing Princesses for the most magical birthday party imaginable. For my daughter and many of her friends, this was the first real birthday party of their lives because of covid. The princesses could not have made it any more special. From the moment they arrived until the moment they left, they were in character -- when it was time for them to go, my daughter wanted to look out the door hoping to see what she was sure would be their "carriage." The princesses have the talents of Broadway stars and the heart of your most beloved preschool teacher. The activities were fantastic, the stories were magical, everything was perfect. Thank you so, so much -- we cannot wait to see you again.



We first met the princesses at Vienna’s Oktoberfest, my daughter loved them and insisted on having them for her birthday party. We invited them to come to her party and everything was beyond fabulous. They were amazing from booking, to arrival, leaving and everything in between. They never broke character, not even once, they were all very sweet and professional, the kids adored them, absolutely loved every second of it from the coronation, to crown crafting, face painting, singing, dancing, story time, cake cutting, and pictures. It was wonderful, best birthday party yet, and the owner Bailey is beyond sweet. I would recommend them a hundred times over. Thank you girls so much for making my daughters day so special.





I am unsure how I am going to be able to top my daughter’s 7th birthday party again. It is a party to remember and I don’t think it would be possible had we not have VSP come. From the girls to the boys, everyone had so much fun. Communications to the payment was on point. I absolutely did not have to worry a thing. We got so many compliments from parents and the parents themselves enjoyed taking pictures with the characters. Everyone had a piece of fun. From clothing and make up, it was on point. Even the party venue that we reserved loved it so much and asked about Vienna Singing Princess. Thank you so much for everything.



I absolutely 100% recommend Vienna Singing Princesses for any theme party! We had a Wonderland themed birthday-tea party for our 8 year old daughter and she absolutely loved the Hatter and Tea Princess! They were so professional and so great with all the kids and kept them entertained with games, face painting and nail painting the whole time. Worth every penny! And the owner Carolynn let us borrow her beautiful hand-made props and decorations to use for the party! It was the absolute best party we’ve ever had, we had so many wonderful compliments from parents and the kids had a blast. Thanks again for a memorable and very professional service!


I hired the Vienna Singing Princesses to surprise my family for our annual Christmas Eve get together. Let me tell you, they were AMAZING! I think I cried at one point. They were in character the entire time, gracious, caring, and the most gorgeous singing voices. WONDERFUL! They brought so much magic to our house today! They even managed to get the passive teens to sing and dance along with my 75 year old Mom!



I highly recommend Vienna Singing Princesses. Everything was amazing from the planning down to the actual event. My daughter had an Alice in Wonderland tea party and the two actors kept the kids engaged for a full 2 hours (as an educator, I'm thoroughly impressed). Most importantly, my daughter (age 6) was sooo happy. I definitely will reach back out for future parties and highly recommend to others.


The Vienna Singing Princesses are awesome! We had them come to a Superhero and Princess birthday party for my twins and everyone loved them! All of the characters were great with the kids and very professional. And there were so many personal touches - my children loved it! I have had many parents from the party comment on how impressed they were with the characters that came and say how much fun their children had with them! I highly recommend using the Vienna Singing Princesses for any event - they are simply wonderful!



We have had two birthday parties with Vienna Singing Princesses and Viva Vienna. My daughter loves when they attend her parties. It’s so magical and special and she really feels like a Princess. Also we have had a VSP Prince for her parties and the boys at her party always feel welcome and included. The talent of the VSP is wonderful and the face painting is such artistry. They are very good with getting the children involved in the dancing, singing, or the activities. My daughter can’t wait until next year to have another birthday party with VSP


The Arabian Princess and Long-Haired Princess were absolutely amazing at my daughters 4 year old birthday party yesterday! They brought all the magic and fun! The coronation, singing, dancing, face painting, and nail painting were all a huge hit! I could not be happier with the whole experience! I highly recommend them!



They were fabulous!!!! Everyone was so impressed with the Ice Queen and the Arabian Princess. They were so kind and creative! They kept coming out with new activities. My son Carter loved their attention, and my daughter Mary Jane was soaking up every minute. Both girls were just fabulous! It was truly well done. They thought of every detail.


We love the Vienna Singing Princesses! They were the highlight of my daughter's 3rd birthday and created a magical environment at her party that captured the attention of both girls and boys. I would highly recommend adding them to any child's birthday party. Thank you, Vienna Singing Princesses!



We had the Ice Queen and Spider Superhero come to celebrate our 4-year old boy/girl twins birthday and they were fantastic! They were great with the kids and everyone (including the adults) thoroughly enjoyed it. They sang and danced with the kids in addition to the crafts activity. Bailey was also a pleasure to work with in booking the characters. Thanks Vienna Singing Princesses!


We had the Ice Queen, Ice Princess, Sleeping Princess, and a prince come to our daughter's 5th birthday party.  There was singing, nail painting and braiding of hair, in addition to crowns, personalized sashes and a walk down the red carpet. The Prince did a great job keeping the boys at the party engaged with games, too! All the guests had a great time. We would definitely recommend the Vienna Singing Princesses!



 The princesses were absolutely fantastic! Ice Queen and the Arabian Princess are multi-talented. They sang their hit songs, danced with the kids and literally had the children smiling at them in awe. I was most impressed with how they kept the party going. We signed up for glitter nail painting and face painting, but there were lots of little surprises for the kids to keep their interest. Well done, princesses!


The Vienna Singing Princesses were perfect party guests for my 5 year olds birthday. In addition to a fun face/hand painting activity, they had other special events arranged for the party. These princesses are amazing with little kids and talented! I highly recommend this business if you are looking for a special event for a princess party.



We had a surprise party for my three nieces (ages 3, 5, and 7), and the Ice Sisters came. They sang, read, painted nails and braided my nieces' hair. The little girls were completely absorbed into the princesses' presentation. They were both kind and professional-- a complete success! I would recommend them to anyone with a little girl who has a love for princesses.


They were absolutely the hit of the event! My daughter is turning 4 soon, and we booked them for a princess party at our house. They have already been in touch about personalized sashes and a phone call to my daughter the week before the party. What a wonderful, selfless, and professional group- I would recommend them for any event or party, and can not say enough good things!



Just a quick 'Thank You' for making my daughter's birthday so special. I've always been so impressed at the entrepreneurship of the performers in the Vienna Singing Princesses group. Princess Beauty and the Prince were super patient and professional. I appreciate all of the little details that are a part of the process that really adds to the event.


We just had my daughter's 5th birthday party and she was so thrilled to have the Ice Queen, Island Princess, and a prince there. All the kids (girls and boys) loved it! They brought great activities for the kids and sang beautifully! I would highly recommend them!!



Let’s just say my daughter shouting “best birthday ever! Best birthday ever!” multiple times throughout made it clear that they were all having a fantastic time! They all did wonderful!


We were extremely happy with our party with Ice Queen and Ice Princess! The kids enjoyed every minute and the princesses made it so easy! Thank you so much for a fantastic 4th birthday party for Carly!



The Vienna Singing Princesses are so professional, responsive and just wonderful to work with. You and your kids will love them for an event or party.


Thank you so much for making my daughter's 3rd birthday fantastic. The Ice Queen and Woodland Princess were amazing with the little kids and kept them entertained the entire time. It was everything we could have hoped for. Thank you!

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This princess party my 3 year old will never forget. She was in absolute princess heaven. All the princesses did a fabulous job keeping all the party guests entertained as well as making the birthday girl feel like a true princesses. Highly recommend!

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