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Specialty Packages

Builder Buddies Party

90 minute construction project with our two Builder Buddies:

  1. Builder safety session

  2. Dress for work: apron, goggles, gloves, and hammer for each mini builder provided

  3. Time to build: choice of race car, monster truck, or airship construction project

  4. Personalized certificate of achievement presented to each builder

  5. Builder sing-a-long and dance party

  6. Builder story time and circle games if time permits

  7. Builder photos and goodbyes

Ages 5+ only  |  8 children maximum

Table covering and supplies included




Glamour Party

120 minute glamour session with 2 princesses of your choice:

  1. Grand princess entrance

  2. Coronation of each little princess with personalized princess sash, feather boa, and necklace to keep

  3. Princess sing-a-long and dance party

  4. Treasure box game and upgraded necklace making 

  5. Princess makeover: eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, cheek art, face gems, and face glitter

  6. Princess hair salon: Dutch braids, ribbons, and sparkles

  7. Princess nail salon: glitter nail painting

  8. Perfume spritz

  9. Story time and circle games if time permits

  10. A royal fashion show down the red carpet and photos


Perfect for ages 6-10  |  10 children maximum

Pink tablecloth and supplies included


Superhero Party

60 minute superhero training with 2 superheroes of your choice:

  1. Grand superhero entrance

  2. Superhero induction of the birthday child with choice of Wonder Lady tiara or personalized Spider Superhero hat

  3. Superhero training 

  4. Treasure box game 

  5. Superhero mask craft: decorate your own superhero mask with styrofoam stickers, glitter glues, and gems

  6. Story time and circle games if time permits

  7. Personalized superhero certificate presented to each little superhero 

  8. Superhero photos and goodbyes


10 children maximum  |  supplies included


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